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This Privacy Policy was last updated on September 1, 2022.

1. Guarantees And Liability

The Company guarantees to fulfill all its commitments to the client and services during the entire period of cooperation between the Company and her client. The Xpectsaver ensures that no risks shall arise regardless of the amount of fund saved by the client.

2. Money Back Guarantee

The Company provides a Money Back Guarantee (MBG) to her investors.If by any means that the Company; Xpectsaver is not able to generate profits from its businesses, the investor's initial capital is paid in full within 2 years. This only apply if you have not made any withdrawal from the platform.

3. Discontinuation Of An Investment

If by any means a client chooses to forfeit his contract with the company by discontinuing his/her fixed deposit,Xpectsaver will make a refund to the investor. However, 20% would be deducted as cost of for the liability caused by an abrupt termination. By this, the investor has no right to claim any percentage in profit promised by the Company.

4. Registration

The Client is guaranteed that all provided information will remain secure and confidential for benefit of cooperation and Privacy Policy Purposes. Under the registration process, the client must agree to these T&Cs and fully accept them. it is forbidden to have more than one account for one person. but you can send a ticket request to block invalid account to the customer service, because if system detect it both of them will be block and you may be liable to lose you fund's if it may be required to be unblock.

5. Fixed deposit

The Investor creates their fixed deposit in accordance with the fixed deposit section of our website using their own preferences. The Investor has the right for the period of cooperation with the Company while observing and agreeing to these T&Cs.

6. Fixed Saving Percentage

Our percentage reduce base on the work load in the system In other to meet up your demand, so take part at any percentage you meet till when we get to our Standard Bank-Level Security percentage.

7.ANTI-Money Laundering

When we discover that the user account is being used to launder money or for any suspicious transactions, we have an obligation to suspend your account for proper verification or to report your activities to the relevant authorities.


If you do not agree with this policy, please don't go any further with the platform. Xpectsaver Bringing financial freedom to everyone...

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