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Xpectsaver is a savings platform that allows you to fixed save your funds in Naira while earning daily passive income. You can fixed deposit funds with Naira and earn up to 25% annual interest on your fixed savings.

Yes! From Monday to Friday

Withdrawal Open 8:00AM on Monday and Close 12:00PM on Friday NO Withdrawal On Public Holiday's

We process withdrawal request under 48 working hours. Withdraw charge is 0%

  1. Create an Account
  2. Fund wallet
  3. Choose a Plan
  4. Fixed Deposit
  5. Make Profit

You earn interest of 2% to 25% annually base on the plane you fixed deposit on and 75% if you fixed deposit within 36th months.

You can create Auto save/Target save for any amount of your choice to keep fund away for specific time to meet up some budget in future.

All funds paid to your Xpectsaver accounts are managed by Investment Manages Limited. We also have highly skilled and experienced team working on our Investment Projects which guarantees minimum risk of your investments. We do Mini-Banking, VTU Services & other service's and make profit to pay our investors.

Yes! We use extended validation SSL certificate. It means (CA) verified the entrance of our business. This provides higher assurance to our website visitors

Only verify user's have Access to Instant Loans. Apply 24/7 and receive funds in your Xpectsaver wallet within minutes. Unlock higher loan amounts and lower interest rates by repaying loans on time.

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For loans and savings, Xpectsaver provides a seamless solution, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient experience for users.